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Exterior Residential Painting

What does the often heard term “curb appeal” mean to us?  TV, radio and real estate magazines use this phrase often to generate homeowner awareness of how critical it can be to make a home inviting to guests and home buyers.  

Exterior Home Painting and Pride of Ownership

Choosing the right product for any home improvement task is the first step.  Norby Painting professionals in Charlotte only use the very best paint to beautify and protect the exterior surface of your home.  High quality paint will ensure a durable, vibrant look that will withstand extreme temperature changes and resist the harsh weather during the most powerful storms that Charlotte is known for.  

Exterior Painting and Selling your Home

Perhaps you are trying to sell your home and you have noticed how competitive the market is today.  Curb appeal is very important because it is the buyer’s first impression.  Peeling paint, dirt and grime will not create the desire to see what is inside.  The Charlotte Exterior Painting professionals at Norby Painting will recommend the ideal paint for the job and help with color choice so when people are driving by and see the “for sale” sign they will be anxious to see the inside as well.  By the way, Norby Painting contractors are also experts when it comes to interior painting!

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